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Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
Aw boo. No one remembers my games. ;-)
Apologies Coagulus - I have started to update my Amigapd website and tidy it up - part of this process is to include a page listing recent PD / shareware releases - I am currently working my way through recent releases from the last 3 years in alphabetical order - I have added a couple of your games.

The idea is to have a seperate page for each game - showing a video / slideshow - links to the file / website.

There are quite a few games for me to add - so please bear with me as I work my way through - once I think I am done I will ask for feedback on any games I may have missed.

Hopefully having a page dedicated to the current Amgia scene we can promote all the great games that are still being made. In the near future I will also be looking to add to the interview section with Amiga indie programmers.
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