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Electronic music basically comes in two categories - synthesis, or samples. Do you mean the games trigger sampled pieces of music, either individual sounds or entire tracks? That's not really 'coded music.' Or do you mean some kind of synthesis using code? I don't really see how that's possible with based on my (admittedly not comprehensive) knowledge of object oriented programming, you cannot define a note or synth patch in code
I assumed that most of "directly coded music" would be rather software synth -like instead of being sample based. Famous "Paranoimia crack intro" is claimed to be directly programmed (though I'm not sure!) and it sounds like a simple software synth thing, or what do you think?
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However, I think also samples could have been used in "directly coded music". AFAIK Rob Hubbard used samples on C64 while directly coding his songs.

As other ppl already said, it is possible to define all the properties of sound in code (at least when dealing with PCM sound chip like Paula which does not set any limitations for waveforms etc.)

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Unregistered version of Deluxe Galaga used voice synthesis instead of voice samples. AHX and HivelyTracker use chiptune style sound synthesis also.
OctaMED was there before AHX. It supports both "synth sounds" and samples.

Hear OctaMED synth sound here (an example song by the author, most of lead and tom drums are "synth", while background chords are samples):
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