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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
If youre willing to pay the extra cash for modern output then Im sure someone will bundle the mobo with the modified version of Indivision.
So then it comes back to the argument... why remove the choice for those who want a different solution..
My argument is that it should be cheaper if the option that 99% of the people view as a "must have" is simply included. This should be especially true if the components are included on the motherboard instead of having a separate production run for the modules.

I'm from the U.S. Maybe my estimate on how many people would actually want 15kHz output is slanted to near ZERO since we don't have CRT TV's with scart connectors. To me, the idea of trying to use a 30 year old 13" CRT RGB monitor makes as much sense as using a 30 year old KB/Mouse.

I understand that people want the retro experience, but this is a perfect opportunity to bring the AGA amiga into the 21st century while leaving behind the old decaying components that have no replacement/repair options.
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