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I may not have been clear: the Amiga does not have a software synthesizer in the SDK and most if not all Amiga games did not do actual software synthesis.

They usually just played samples at given frequencies (the frequency then becomes the 'note' of the sample - which you could look up in the documentation I mentioned). Thus, software needed to define notes for playback

Some games did have 'chiptunes', where the samples where replaced by really, really short ones that contained a basic waveform (or a pre-calculated synthesized waveform) such as a sawtooth or pulse wave. This sounds a lot like synthesized music.

There where software synthesizers for the Amiga though. The best known one is 'Say', which let you have voice synthesis on the Amiga. Full music synthesizers where also available, but those took a lot of CPU power and generaly where only used on 68030+ machines.

If games did use synthesis (I am not aware any did), they'd have probably just used it to precalculate the waveforms I described before for chip tunes.
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