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Originally Posted by Olecranon View Post
Very interesting and cool news. A couple things jump out at me though.

1) Does the new board really need to be a drop in replacement for an Amiga 500/1200 "case"? Why not make it ATX or micro ATX form factor? The idea of stuffing a new board into a poorly ventilated 30 yr old yellowed plastic case makes me cringe.

2) It needs to support modern keyboards and mice. Again, what is the purpose of supporting 30 yr old keyboards and mice? Does someone have a warehouse of NOS Amiga 500/1200 keyboards for replacement? No...

3) Just add the flicker fixer with an HDMI output onto the motherboard and bump the base price accordingly. Have the 15kHz as an option.

My wish list in a nutshell would be to have an Amiga 1200 based motherboard that I could drop into a modern case of my choosing. I want to use a new and easily replaceable USB or PS2 keyboard and mouse of my choosing, and I want to be able to plug it into any modern LCD flat screen monitor or TV.
I don't know. I spend quite some effort to get an A1200 back in a standard wedge case after having a tower based one for quite a while. For me the wedges/original cases just 'feel' much more like a 'real' Amiga.

Same for the joysticks and keyboard (not mice though, I've replaced that with a PS2 one ages ago).

If there are more people like me it seems that the option for using Original cases should be there.

That said, I do agree on the video part - a full HDMI compatible (i.e. including 50Hz modes) output feels like it should be standard.
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