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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
I could have given more recent examples like Jam It! or Darkness as well. Both are very nice games.

Jam it looks good - Not sure I would have been willing to pay £39 for Darkness though even with all those extra bits.

With regard to games listed in Nobody's post

Rocket smash ex
New commando
New Ghosts n goblins
New Bombjack
Bruce Lee 2
super Bread Box
Micro Hexagon
Donkey Kong junior
Knight n grail
trance sector ultimate
Sam's journey
many new quality SEUCK games
brilliant maze

These games cover a long period of release dates with I think

1 game from 2009
1 from 2011
1 from 2012
2 from 2013
2 from 2014
5 from 2015

If we cover a similar period for the Amiga there have been some great / fun games -

Tracker Hero – 2010

Gravity Beam 2012
Downfall 2012
Agent Lux 2012
Super Sprint 2012
Sqrxz 2 – 2012
Joust – 2012
Guantlet – 2012
Sqrxz – 2012

Enemy 2 – 2013
Solid Gold – 2013
Putty Squad – 2013
International Karate – 2013
Metro Cross – 2o13
Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard 2013
Asgard met Vikings 2013

Where time Stood Still 2014
Oids 2014
Tales of Gorluth 2014
Maxwell Mouse 2014
Solomons Key 2 - 2014
Boxx 2 - - 2014

PuzCat – 2015
Henry and the Five Towers – 2015
Jay the Miner - 2015

I think sometimes we forget about Amiga releases and also sometimes forget how old other games are for other systems.

one thing I will agree is that there are no Amiga games physically released in a box with a manual - posters and extras. I think there was a physical release of Putty Squad as part of another Kickstarter project - Tales of Gorluth and Sqrxz had a physical release too but I can't think of any others recently.

One interesting thing I noticed from the Psytonik Software website is that they welcome submission for Amiga games - quote below:

"If you've written a game for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum 48K / 128, Amstrad CPC, VIC-20 / Commodore Plus/4 or Commodore Amiga and would like Psytronik Software to publish it for you then please send an email to with the details of your production. "

I wonder if some of those Amiga games mentioned above had been released as physical games and all shown together on one website the amiga scene would be viewed as more active - sometimes games slip through the net.

I might drop them a line to see if they are still willing to publish Amiga games too - bit strange that they have existed since 1993 and never had a game submitted or good enough to release for the Amiga.

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