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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
[...]Vbcc will do some sophisticated, innovative and amazing things and other times it will make me cry. It has improved a lot over the years but development moves at Amiga pace (which does have a few advantages).
Thanks for the detailed explanation. This makes a lot of sense.
I assume that the vbcc backends are mostly code and are not data driven?

You mentioned that the 68k's CC behavior can prevent some peephole optimizations to be applied but could this be worked around by adding live analysis to the code right after the peephole window? If it can be determined that relevant bits of the CC are trashed a few instructions after the peephole window then the optimization can be applied (provided the possibility of branching is taken care of).

I have not looked at the source code so maybe this is already done to some extent or not doable with the current architecture, I guess only Phx could tell us.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The new FPGA hardware is exciting but taking a long time to improve.
[...] there is some potential to bring back old Amiga users who can now easily buy almost reasonably priced hardware and possibly a few retro computer geeks. An upgraded classic Amiga is more usable than most retro computers.
I must say that aside from memory, network and storage expansions, new hardware leaves me cold (to the exception of console-devkit-like instrumenting/debugging hardware if it existed). My Amiga is a retro coding/gaming only platform and if I want to use other software I use a modern kitten.

I am willing to bet new retro users will think similarly.
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