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Am I the only one here that thinks the reprogrammable character set graphics of the C64 contributes to the ease of programming of tile mapped games? Also, I might see about documenting the FBlit sources so that FBlit.library can be used without requiring the patch into the standard blitting routines it is intended to replace.

So far I have SpriteFX.library started and TileFX.library (formerly TileMap.library) far behind. Since TileFX is basically based on the ScrollingTricks example C source code on the Aminet, it is more of a port than an actual recode and as such, I'm having a little trouble focusing on it.

How should I prioritize my tasks: FBlit.library documentation, TileFX coding and modifications, or SpriteFX.library implementation? Descriptions are available for the RetroFX (TileFX and SpriteFX) libraries at in their respective directories. Also, I may change the license to BSD or ZLib/LibPNG license instead of MIT license because I'm having second thoughts about people scavenging my source code and not giving me credit for working on the RetroFX libs. The FBlit code will remain under the MIT license at the request of the author in its respective repository at

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