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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
It's a pity iPhone doesn't allow emulation as from the projects I know of where people have published to both platforms, they made their money on iPhone - not Android.
Lots of games on iPhone were/are bundled with emulators in it.

Just look at all the DotEmu games, or Defender of the Crown. The latter one is bundled with an Amiga emulator, which you can "hijack" to play other ADFs if your iPhone is jailbroken

I think that profiting from an Amiga game is still possible, but only if the game would also be released on Mobile using an ad-based revenue model. Retro is all the rage at the moment, but still it needs to be simple enough to attract casuals and you have to get lucky and hope that people actually notice your game in the slew of retro-styled games that are getting released nowadays.

So profiting from an Amiga game, maybe - but not from the Amiga sales
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