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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post

The C64 still has a pretty active scene for commercial games and even to this day a much bigger user base than the Amiga. The quality of a lot of modern releases there is also better than in 99% of commercial releases back then (i.e. Knight 'n' Grail or Bomberland), but they still sell (according to the coders, designers, musicians) just enough to buy some beer. How on earth should someone be able to sell a game for the Amiga generating enough money to make a living? This will never happen again.
I think releasing games on the Amiga for commerical success has long gone - as part of my Amigapd website I interviewed a lot of indie programmers and most left the Amiga around the mid 90s to develop on newer hardware - Have a look at Ola Zandelin's softography - it shows the typical journey of Indie programmers who are still making money from game develpment

In terms of the current Amiga scene - I don't think it is as bad as it is made out there have been plenty of fun games made over the last few (3) years such as

Boxx 2
Solomon's Key 2
Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery
Tales of Gorluth: The Tear Stone Saga
Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard, The
Asgard Met Vikings
Solid Gold
Agent Lux

Its just these games are being made by hobbist with other commitments and not as a full time job - this means development takes longer - in some cases over a year rather than a few months.

With one central website to promote all these gems and games under current development - I think the Amiga scene would be seen as more active and Cammys Underground Arcade is probably the way forward.

I think the C64 and other 8 bit indie developments might be exagerated - Knight N Grail I think was released I think in 2009 and the blog for Psytronik Software hasn't been updated since Jan 2014 - unless I am looking at the wrong website.

Also I think there are plenty of Amiga game creation tools available for those eager to make their own amiga games eg -REality - GRAC - Backbone - yes they are clunky and not as user friendly as modern technology - but with some patience you can make games of good homebrew quality - the limitations of the creation software adds to the challenge in the same way as the technical constraints of the hardware add challenges when programming -
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