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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
One thing is for sure, an Amiga game once created could easily have a port automatically created for: PC, Mac, Linux

And with modification to the controls:

Android Phonet/Tablet
Ubuntu Phone/Tablet
I want to disprove this myth. I work in game development and to be successful in the mobile market you have to design your game around the touchscreen input method first and foremost. Converting from classical input methods with tons of buttons and analog sticks is a complete nightmare and the success stories are few and far between (they exist but are the exception, not the norm).

Although mouse and touch screens might seem naively similar, they aren't. There are dozens of nasty little differences which cause the naive translation approach to fail miserably especially in a game where reaction speed and comfort are paramount. The games industry has tried it and they learned their lesson hard so please let us bury this notion deep and pour concrete over it so that it cannot be resurrected again.

Another interesting thing to consider would be how to get them to run in the browser (I have seen this online). Because if we could get them on people's TVs by having them run in the browser that could be another vector.
Same remark. Browsers input methods are keyboard and mouse,most Amiga games require a joystick. Converting input methods is much harder than you think when it is at all possible.
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