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Thanks, mate! I will run them on my real hardware and come back with the feedback. Hang on!

EDIT1: OK, here's the feedback. Tested on real hardware.

The first version you uploaded above, aimed at 1MB A500, crashes even with 1MB of RAM. Does exactly as the previous version did. The game loads fine, the intro unfolds completely but when the game music starts, it crashes back to the CLI.

The one marked as 512kb friendly works very well on a 1MB A500. The game is great, very playable and professional looking and the only thing I could wish for would be an option to use the second button to jump instead of "up". I hope you get to finish the game some day, it's really good.

However, this version crashes on a 512kb A500. It crashes right after the intro music starts. Both my Amigas are rev.6 boards (ECS Agnus blitter and standard Denise). Both have 1MB but I disabled the RAM expansion on my original one to try your game in it. I also copied it to a real floppy because my original Amiga doesn't have a Gotek (nor will it ever have). I'm saying this because the transition to the floppy may (or many not) have something to do with it not working.

Hope I could have been of help, somehow. Many thanks for the working version, though! It allowed me to, finally, test this on my real A500 (which is always much more enjoyable than UAE).

EDIT2: Odd. The 1MB version worked well on my original Amiga with the expansion turned back on. It must not like the Gotek drive, then.

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