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My setup is consisting from an Amiga 500+, ACA500, ACA1233, Indivision ECS, Rapidroad USB. Although using an ATX-PSU which is 350Watt of good quality, artifacts always occur when CF is reading. Please see this short video : [ Show youtube player ]

If i use ACA500 alone, that black line issue is almost* not seen anymore. (*even so sometimes i saw them.)

Meanwhile video output from Amiga' RGB port is flawless even if with all components connected together. Problem solely comes from VGA output of Indivision ECS.

So i think ( i don't know how to express) the required power for whole system should be decreased.

At this point, for power consumption, do the ACA1221 have noticeable improvement over ACA12XX ? (especially ACA1233).

Do you think, using this card solves my problem? What is your other recommendation?

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