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Attached are two ADFs which should work on an Amiga 500 - unfortunately I don't own an Amiga 500 anymore and my Amiga 600 has died on me so I can't test them on real hardware and have to rely on Winuae -

The Amiga 1 meg version should work on a standard Amiga 500 it has music provided by Simone Bernacchia who did a great job producing a tune with tight memory constaints.

The other version has the smallest music file I could find which fitted the mood of the game and I think may enable the game to work on an unexpanded Amiga 500.

Overall there are now three versions with 3 different music files -would be interested to know which tune people prefer

The Amiga 1200 version
The Amiga 500 1 meg version
The Amiga 500 version
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