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I noticed what looks like a HD controller bug in the latest betas.
2 of my 3 hardfiles in OS 4.1 appear as unreadable/bad.

The 'System' hardfile which is 4GB and contains the OS works and boots fine.
The 'Apps' hardfile is 8GB and appears as bad, and so is the 'Data' hardfile which is 32GB.

I tried to replace these hardfiles with newly formatted ones of the same size, but after formatting them and rebooting they appear again as bad.

Then I tried to create a 4GB hardfile for 'Apps' and it worked with no problems.
When I tried again with a 5GB hardfile it appeared again as bad.
So there seems to be a problem with hardfiles over 4GB.

The HD controller is set to SCSI (Auto) and uses the cybppc.device, and the hardfiles are dynamic and 'sparse' is checked.
The last beta that allows me to use hardfiles larger than 4GB is beta 6.
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