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Yes, that's what I did: first installed DX9 Nov2007 Redist and then Jun2010 Redist. There is no requester from WinUAE anymore asking for the DX9 files.

42-161 [0 000=000]: Direct3D: Pixel shader 2.0+ support detected, shader filters enabled.
42-168 [0 000=000]: Device name: 'Intel(R) HD Graphics' a0012000a109c.e
42-484 [0 000=000]: D3D9Ex: 00000056 ALPHA DYNAMIC SCANLINE
42-484 [0 000=000]: D3D9Ex: PS=3.0 VS=3.0 800*600*0p FS VS=0 B=2WE 32-bit 0
42-562 [0 000=000]: D3D9Ex: pixelshader filter 'M:\WinUAE\_winuae.fx':-1 enabled
42-567 [0 000=000]: D3D9Ex: 752*576 main texture, depth 32
I don't have this filter installed: _winuae.fx

How do I have to install correctly ?? Where should plugins go to?

OK, I've copied the plugins dir into the WinUAE install dir and WinUAE has generated the _winuae.fx file automatically now. But all the RTG and DirectX fields are still grayed out in the GUI.

Could this problem be caused by the missing VDD and Mini VDD display driver files?

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