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In my Amiga 1200 it works excellent with all features enabled (RAM, CPU-Speed and Maprom).
Also the ACAGov or the ACAClock functions work great.
In my Amiga 500+ with 2 Meg Chipram with the ACA500 Card installed, just the Ram works. (Maprom and CPU Speed will be fixed as mentioned above).
Many (larger) WHDload games do not work with the ACA 500 and the ACA1221 in my A500+ 2 Meg Chipram . It always quits loading with different errors!!! (e.g. Indy 3 and 4...) No difference if the internal ACA500 maprom function is enabled or disabled.
On the A1200 they work fine.
Hopefully this will be fixed with the new ACA500 firmware!!!

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