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Some explanations for those that don't know:

1. If you add additional device you will have less memory to use.
Example: Open WinUAE Quickstart normal configuration and another WinUAE with same configuration with just added DF1:. Compare memory usage in Workbench. You will see that you have less memory to use on configuration with DF1:.
Some programs (usually games and demos) uses absolute memory allocation. If some of this programs use function from exec.library to allocate memory (AllocAbs) it will fail and if it just load code at specific location that is used it will crash system. And that is usually what programmer though that is beginning of free memory space (at least it was on his Amiga).

2. Different Kickstarts have different starting memory location of specific functions.
Some old games/demos uses absolute addresses directly from Kickstart ROM and if they try to call some function directly from ROM that is on specific address in KS1.2 ROM and if you use KS1.3 ROM they will crash because on that address is not that code that is in KS1.2 ROM.

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