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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Wrong log, winuaelog.txt is the correct one and it is only created if manually enabled (misc panel -> create winuaelog.txt). Tick it before starting emulation.

Check end of winuaebootlog.txt for winuaelog.txt path if it is not in same directory.
Ok Toni, i will post the correct log after work.

Can you just answer me for this 2 points please:
1/when you says that partitionning in 2x2Gb "hides the error" , does it mean i will have read errors on the first partition?

2/About psf3, you says that the "PSF3 requestor: can't read block" sounds like driver limit, does it mean that psf3 will work only with 2gb CF using this expansion (I did not have PFS3 error message with my previous 2gb transcend CF) ?

Thanks a lot, you're very helpful.
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