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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Toni still do not understand, The demo I know it's old and it works well with A500, i just wanted to show that many demos can be start even with the most advanced systems.
Yes but you don't know if it actually work in identical real hardware configuration. Only 1991+ demos are mostly safe to use.

From my personal experience sooner or later I get report like "This demo worked with config [too new hardware config] but does not anymore work with UAE version x.y". Usual reply is: It wasn't even supposed to work, it does not work in real hardware if using same config!

(The higher end and faster the config, the less compatibility with real world hardware)

Here I did not understand what you've written,mine but it was just a simple example, You can also use a hardfile and put in all the demos and then run them from a shell, what's so strange, I have created many compilations on hardfile with booting function keys.
Point was: How does it fix demos that only work with chip ram only system? Copying it to floppy or HD won't magically make your fast ram expanded system chip only.
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