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I've missed this thread too, but MorphOS's Odyssey Web Browser has had swfdec based plugin for flash for ages (and even some early npflash plugin before it), although it isn't too compatible and it's quite random when it works and when not.

HTML5 support has been good always and many flash requiring sites are possible to get work in the HTML5 mode if you spoof the browser as iPad for example. Sites have flashless versions for these well known platforms which don't support flash. OWB has the per site preferences where you can define which URLs will get automatic spoofing. I've used it in several video sites.. like for example to get Facebook videos to work. There have also been internal scripts for OWB to convert sites like YouTube and Dailymotion from Flash video to HTML5 video on the fly.

Nowadays many sites are defaulting to HTML5 and you don't need the mentioned scripts anymore. YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook videos etc work pretty much out of the box now. Only script which is useful is a fullscreen fix script, which makes videos to use overlay function on fullscreen mode, which takes a lot off from CPU load and videos play very fluently with it.

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