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This discussion is silly...

You can not make games which run on popular platforms (like Windows, consoles, smartphones) and expect them to run with minor changes on classic Amigas. At least not when you want to do more than a text adventure.

I have ported several Retroguru SDL games in C to AmigaOS4 and MorphOS. Games like Sqrxz are really not that demanding. But it simply doesn't work for classic Amigas. Even with a faster "framework" than SDL. No chance!

The 68k Amigas require stripped down graphics and music, and a complete rewrite of the program in assembler, accessing the hardware directly.

BTW, any dreams that somebody without Amiga background would decide to make an Amiga port are foolish. This will never happen. Why should they?

Ports and new games can only come from our small group of enthusiasts.
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