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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
It would also be helpful if there were tools or at least macros/scripts for say Photoshop (or other tool) to help converting assets and help with limitations. The game running on PC would obviously use 24bit graphics + 8 bit alpha blend while assets for a 1200 version would need to be downscaled and downgraded to appropriate levels.
Palette juggling in Dpaint is not the 2015 way to do assets for multiple platforms ;-)
The Amiga has some good paint programs and descent image manipulation programs. Personal Paint is very good for <=8 bit images, planar manipulation, palette optimization, color remapping, etc. TVPaint is an excellent True color paint program. ImageFX 4, while no Photoshop, can do some of the conversions and image manipulation that TVPaint and PP can not. These software packages are very capable for the price. They have ARexx for macros but I rarely find them necessary. These were the tools I was using effectively when working on web site pics anyway. The Amiga is not very good for importing pics from a digital camera or phone so a PC is generally still required.

The big problem for the 68k Amiga is lack of compiler support and poor code optimization. The 68k and Amiga are both considered dead by most of the computer world. GCC support for the 68k is ancient and non-existent for the Amiga (GCC has never officially supported any Amiga like OS). Development tools and software need to be ported to the Amiga and most are written for GCC. Clang/LLVM is very compatible with GCC but there is no 68k backend and the compiler uses a lot of resources so would likely only be useful as a cross-compiler. Vbcc is a good C cross-compiler with good Amiga support useful for projects which start on the Amiga but it has only fair GCC compatibility, there is no C++ support and the 68k backend generates average code at best. There would probably be some developers who would support the Amiga if it was easy enough to port their software to the Amiga but I expect most find the experience frustrating and/or the resulting software too slow. If developers had Cammy's enthusiasm about the Amiga then this problem would probably be tackled. If new and more powerful Amiga 68k hardware were to sell in sufficient quantity, then this problem would probably be tackled. We need Cammy to promote new 68k Amiga hardware! Problem solved .
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