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Dylan the Spaceman and the Smelly Aliens from Mars - WIP

After a very long wait - attached is a demo version for the Amiga 1200 and possibly Amiga 600 of Dylan the Spaceman and the Smelly Aliens from Mars - a dizzy clone game. There will be an Amiga 500 version but I need to change the in game music to a tune provided by the talented Simone Bernacchia which I hope to upload this coming weekend.

The game is made with Reality and ends when you find Robot 5 (all will make sense when you watch the intro)- the full game would include obtaining items to board an alien space ship to fly to mars where you capture the evil Alien mastermind -

To enter a door move towards it and place fire - you also press to pick up an item and to talk to the in game characters.

The game has hit a buffer for two reasons - firstly lack of free time (to create some extra graphics for the space section) and secondly a bit of a creative block regarding puzzles for the last section -

The game has been made using the Reality game creative software with the adventure skeleton disk - this is without doubt the best of the skeleton disks I have tried followed by the shoot em up disk (see my other game Kingdoms of Steam )

Anyway hope you enjoy the demo in its current state.

With regard to when the final version will be available - I am unsure - I really want to help Graham with his Maxwell game which is mainly being held up over graphics as the puzzles / story and game engine are all in place.
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