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Some simple guidelines for selecting A500 demo config:

If very old (~1988 and older) OCS + KS1.2 + 0.5M + no external drives. Never enable external drives when using this config.

"Normal" A500 config: OCS + KS 1.3 + 0.5M + 0.5M (still no external drives, unless it is multi disk demo and it supports multiple drives)

If graphics glitches or screen corruption and 1989+ demo: try with ECS Agnus.

1M Chip RAM requirement is rare. Very few demos only work correctly if A1000 configuration. (Code accidentally depends on original DIP Agnus vblank timing bug)

Booting executable in floppy drive: some demos only work correctly (font glitches) if 80 character mode (Mainly those that use ROM topaz font = very old ones), executable converted to virtual floppy does not have devs:system-configuration = defaults to 60 character mode.

Do not enable ECS Denise. I don't think any existing demo requires it but some demos have only blank screen if enabled. (Code accidentally depends on OCS Denise horizontal strobe bug that was fixed in ECS Denise)

NEVER enable "too good" or "too new" configuration. It only reduces compatibility!
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