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Alfapower A500 oktapussy IDE patch - CF not visible in WINUAE


I have an Alfapower for my A500 like this one:

The rom on it is 6.10 and i have a KS 2.04 and classic WB Gaae.
I have a transcend 4gb CF splited in 2 partitions of 2gb because i can't have one partition with 4gb (read errors). Only the first partition can be formated with FFS 37.26, the second partition can't be formated (error message=>NDOS drive). I've tried with PSF3AIO with no succes (PSF3 requestor: can't read block) but PSF3 worked on my previous 2Gb CF on the same alfapower.

I have setted winuae with the expansion alfapower with rom 6.10 and the hardrive is setted on alfapower. All is working great on real A500 and on winuae but i wanted to solve my problem of 2nd partition so i've tried oktapussy ide patch (used to have large drive):

I have patched the RDB and it seems to work(4th method in the documentation). As describded in the documentation, the oktagon.device is then renamed to scsi.device. After that, winuae can't see the CF anymore. I've tried to change the properties of the CF to UAE, SCSI(auto) with no success.

If anyone can help me it would be great thanks!

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