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Hi People

I think it is time I introduced myself to all the new people while I have been semi-active (Well probably mainly inactive)

For those who don't know me (There are many) I have been a member of Eab since November 2001, so I am probably one of the longer serving members. I was extremely active for the first 8-10 years and I have been involved in many projects here on EAB (Have a search), but over the past few years real life, work, family and other commitments have sucked up near enough all of my life and time. I will be honest when I say I have absolutely no idea where the Amiga scene is right now, and I am extremely rusty is using the Amiga. However I have been loving the Raspberry Pi and Amiga emulation on there - Shame it's not going to progress much further!

Recently I have been picking apart Captive save files and have figured out how to edit them at a basic level. If I have time I will write some kind of editor for this to allow would be adventurers a tool to edit all aspects of their droids.

Other than that I have been doing some VBA Excel programming for work (Very basic stuff) and I have retrained as an electrician Not sure where I plan to go with this as of yet. I am considering moving across to electronics or similar.

With regards to EAB I have been reading a few threads here and there, and I have also moderated where needed.

Well I thought I'd say hello to all the new (and not so new) faces that have popped up over the past 5-7 years
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