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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
I dont mean to target emulator users exactly. I mean to make it appear that its just a platform specific executable to the user. The emulator is transparent. Think GOG games. The user doesn't launch Dosbox, just their game.

The fee for the ROM would have to be included in the game price for those platforms. But it could allow bundles to be cheaper.
AROS ROMs are free but not stable yet. I'd like to target AROS 68k or a recent AfaOS patch release. This would make the price point negligible. The main disadvantage of such an arrangement is that we'd need libraries or drivers for AROS that would be as fast and more flexible than the existing AmigaOS 3.x implementation. (Chipset support sucks in the OS and RTG sucks on the chipset versions.)

If we had such drivers and libraries, why waste time with full timing-compatible chipset emulation? Why not just use the new and improved drivers accessed by the improved libraries? If the new libraries could avoid race conditions inherent to hardware banging code that relies on specific timing requirements, we could even get better performance when FPGA-based chipset implementations come out and even make passthrough libraries for OpenGL/MiniGL/TinyGL/Mesa implementations on other systems.
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