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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
The confusion is now complete.


Can you make a double check please?

Arnie wrote:


AT IDE HD working O.K with Janus (AMouse support)(no Janus hardfile)

KS 1.4/WB 2.0

Default A3000 config + Bridgeboard


That means the AMouse is working with FFS when using the AT IDE controller
I don't believe
Hi Anna,

The only setup that Amouse doesn't work properly with is the A3000 default 030 + Bridgeboard using XTIde as the HD controller.

All other A3000 default setups with A2386 work with Amouse.

The default A3000 setup uses SCSI 6 for the Amiga HD. It uses the KS1.4 which dual boots to 1.3/2.0 and is FFS formatted.
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