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I think most could be converted without too much trouble* and with minimal cutbacks:

Inescapable - Perhaps possible with the Assassin game engine (the main sprite had over 2000 frames of animation, y'know). Or Turrican, etc.. The real aspect of this game would be the story and level design.

Super Star Path - Anything less than Xenon 2 Megablast need not apply! This does look pretty, though.

8-Bit Boy - Why bother..? Giana Sisters already showed us how to do a brilliant Mario clone.

Aqua Kitty - Now, that's more like it Didn't R-Type II have an in/out of water section? This is the sort of thing that a talented coder needs to pick up and really push the 1200 with. It would need trimming back a bit, but making the sprites a bit bigger and reducing the number of on-screen elements would work. I'd pay good money for a conversion!

Broforce - Yep. This is great fun, and seem to mimic the Miggy's early graphic style. Not sure how big the maps are, though..

Tiny Barbarian - Without the parallax, this is an A500 game. The small player sprite reminds me of Exile (although a lot less fiddly!).

But how about something a bit meatier, say [ Show youtube player ]. We've had isometric adventure games before, with turn-based fights. And shifting isometric graphics wasn't too tricky for the likes of Blade, Shadowlands, Syndicate...

*By 'too much trouble' I mean for a decent ASM coder... Not me and my limited use of Blitz!
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