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I take this opportunity to talk about some games I really like. I already wanted to open a thread about this topic so, there we are!

I am pretty sure that all games made by the indie software house "grubby games" could be ported to Amiga (maybe even classic OS 3.1/3.9).

Particularly Professor Fizzwizzle since it has been written in C/C++ with SDL and its hardware requisites were very low.

I own the Linux version of all games and the developers, Ryan Clark and Matt Parry, were very kind giving me their latest games as gift when the Linux versions were removed from the web shop.

It would be great if some skilled Amiga programmer could contact them and ask them if they would be willing to release the code to the Amiga community...

They are from Vancouver, BC, and I have their old "" emails but I don't think that those emails are still active since grubbygames has been bought from bigfishgames.

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