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So, I reinstalled a clean WB 3.1.

Downloaded the BetterWB 4.0 ADFs and transfered them onto floppies.

Then I open the floppy and start the "Update_betterWB". Doesnt seem to do a whole lot. It wants to write to disk, and then procedes to inflate tons of files. But at the end of the day I dont see a whole lot of change..?

Today was my first "serious" dabble with my A1200 evening Ive had in years, and Ive hunted down many of the old "must" have programs, plus some new ones I didnt know off. Found this page intresting

Anyhow. Wanting to have a low impact WB enhancement so BetterWB seems like the way to go, but as a novice, I cant seem to even install it :P
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