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To all those that ars upset with the current games market -


Stop whinging, do a course in game design. Yes, they do exist and change the way games are going by coming up with an original idea!.

RE: Star Wars

Some of the best Star War games happen to be on the PC as far as I am concerned. Dark Forces and X-Wing Alliance are probably the best examples. There have been some 2D Star Wars games on the SNES, but they were merely ok, short-lived experiences. Although I must agree about the Episode One games, they are virtually all pretty bad. Pod Racer being about as good as it gets and that wasn't upto much!

I also must agree with the comments made about too many FPS and RTS games on the PC. But then look at most 2D shmups. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy them, but there is little difference between a lot of them. Shoot lots of space ships or whatever, collect extra weapons, kill end of level boss.

3D updates are not necessaily a bad idea, as long as the developers put thought into the gameplay and don't just think that making it 3D will mean its a better game. Zelda and Mario on the N64 are excellent examples of what can be done. They are very playable and are two of the best games ever created. They have much more depth than most 2D games you are ever likely to play.

God I wish I never started this thread! Remember games are just games and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Just play what you like and ignore what you don't!

There are enough games out there already to keep most people satisfied!

True game addicts will play any type of game and appreciate it as long as it good (i.e. it plays well). Fact is many of these FPS games do play well. So I play them. I like to play some of the old 2D games, especially of the arcade and console variety, so I play them. I like to play some of my old Amiga favourites, so I play them!

Stop the dissing and I only diss when something truely is crap!
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