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I don't really see much of a market developing for new Amiga games unless someone releases a new, licensed system which is fully backwards compatible and affordable.

I have just bought an A1200 after over 15 years away from the Amiga scene, and it's expensive and complex to set-up. To have a really useful system, you need to buy a memory expansion, upgraded CPU, CF hard drive, wi-fi card, the list goes on and on. And then you have to get it all working. And this is just to play old games comfortably.

The Amiga Reloaded sounds interesting, but that looks like serious hobbyist kit, not the sort of thing where someone can just hand over their 200 euros and get a fully compatible Amiga system. I think there must be a market for that, however. Small form factor PC case with a new Amiga motherboard, proper AGA chips, and standard PC connectors for monitor/network/USB etc. The new ZX Spectrum hardware would suggest there's a market for a retro ready-to-go system like that.

Dreamcast on the other hand - you can pick them up for £35 and start straight away.
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