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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
personally i target A1200, but yeah, it's a lot of effort to make an Amiga game, for very little money. it's not a great business model. better development tools would help, having to write everything from scratch in Asm is a bit of a pain. Alex keeps mooting the idea of converting Mr Beanbag to mobile platforms, at least we already have the assets for it but the game engine will have to be redone. The main thing i worry about is the change of behaviour resulting from different screen refresh rates. The original is obviously hard-coded for 50Hz.
my idea for Hollywood is because it already supports different platforms and is very flexible but of course you could also think of other options. My idea was (of course not implemented) to integrate assets/ressources developed using modern software already available on the big platforms. That would be much easier than developing everything on amiga. Then you only need to implement the routines to use those. To show the idea... in case of a 3D game you develop the map and 3D objects using modern software and import the generated assets in amiga-software using specific routines. That could be Hollywood but could be everything else. What do you think of it?
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