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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Why 68030? Why Enforcer?
Because I wanted to test this configuration AnnaWu

Remove all possible unknown variables, set as basic config as possible first: 68020 (or even 68000).
I had already removed any possible unknown variables, command ENFORCED in startup-sequence OS2.4 with the CPU 68000 generates a GURU, with the 68020 (Crash), with the 68030 the comand ENFORCER part it runs perfectly. I am quite experienced in Amiga OS and know well manage the startup-sequence.
You still haven't explained whats the problem with AMOUSE? Error message? Nothing happens? More information needed. You do see Janus Handler message?
Message error "Amiga colud not load Mouse Serv" "A MOUSE not installed"

If you run Amiga-side mouse server (PC/Services/MouseServ), does it open requester that says it is already running?
No, the first double click nothing happens, if you repeat the double-click a request "AMouse is already active". Pretty much the same things that i on OS1.3, AMOUSE where it installs perfectly.

What I do not understand, is because if I change the file system to OFS AMOUSE It installs any CPU, any OS Amiga 2.x e 3.x, any Startup-sequence any if you packed with extra commands.
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