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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Bene fatto il test:

- OS 2.04/030
- Started ENFORCER successfully (see screenshot)
- Rremoved "SMARTDRV.EXE", "HIMEM.SYS" and "DOS=HIGH" in your config.sys and autoexec.bat
- Everything is fine except for AMOUSE, where did I go wrong?
Why 68030? Why Enforcer? (It will be as useless as OFS/FFS difference!) It won't do anything in emulation (Unless you have MMU/prefetch emulation). Do normal debugging: Remove all possible unknown variables, set as basic config as possible first: 68020 (or even 68000). You still haven't explained whats the problem with AMOUSE? Error message? Nothing happens? More information needed. You do see Janus Handler message?

If you run Amiga-side mouse server (PC/Services/MouseServ), does it open requester that says it is already running?

(That enforcer screenshot is totally useless, better start including information that actually matters.. = shows the actual problem, settings and so on. EDIT: Without enough information, we can only guess or ask same questions again and again, not help)

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