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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
about that, could you tell me about the specific sorts of foolishness the C compilers produce?
This is off topic territory but as an example many early compilers generated
opcodes for each function call which is both useless and inefficient. The last versions of Lattice did not do it however if I recall correctly. I remember being anxious that it might generate these at the time after I bought it.

Gcc did not have this problem however and when I worked a bit with a play version of quake ported by Samuel Devulder on my 1200 in the 90's I recall that the generated assembly code was not too bad. It could be improved obviously but it was far from horrible. Samuel's "popt" peephole optimizer (on Aminet) managed to squeeze a few more cycles out of it but not an enormous amount.

Addendum: when I say "far from horrible" I'm not comparing to assembly experts output, but medium range assembly coders. Anyone can outclass a 68k on a few routines given enough time.

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