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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Yes, sounds like its probably the only sensible solution to get devs push the upcoming Vampire FPGA accelerator (especially with the mystical promises of super AGA or other integrated RTG solution) but I think that might be a complementary product to what was discussed here as there's clearly love left for A500s and unexpanded 1200s...
The problem with the accelerated-or-FPGA-boosted-Amiga software market is that it cannot grow past the group of hard core people who want to keep using their Amiga for everything. Very few newcomers will be interested in these because they already have modern computers which are hundreds of times faster and are simpler to use, maintain and find software for.

The stock kittens have much more historical significance, are more numerous and they are the flag bearers of the Amiga brand, if people want retro they will use these. Boosted kittens fragment the Amiga ecosystem without any advantage other than being interesting on a technical standpoint, it is fine but it cannot sustain game creators reliably alas in my opinion (and obviously everyone is entitled to differ ).
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