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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
What do you think of the idea to use Hollywood for game programming? I know that it will never run on 1 MB ECS A500
Hollywood is great, but when the games don't run on an 1 MB A500 it makes no sense, IMHO.

You can even do 3D now with it
No, sorry. Why should we do that?
The minimum requirements will be so high that the group of potential customers becomes really small. And why should they run a badly performing 3D game on their expensive Amigas when any 20-Euro Raspberry Pi can do it better? You can't sell that.

Retro-computing is the key. I think many people will buy for games which feel and play exactly like the Amiga classics of their youth and run on their old hardware. So you must support the A500.

My idea always was to use modern development software on Linux or Windows to create graphics, sound and even level design
That's not a problem at all, even when developing in assembler for the A500. There are cross assemblers. Use Gimp or GrafX2 for graphics, Milkytracker for the music, etc..
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