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Originally posted by Syko
Is it possible to sue the RIAA for defamation? They have alledged that and it's owner have broken the law, when they clearly haven't. An open and shut case of defamation if ever there was one.... What makes it worse, is that this defamation has been disseminated around the world, and causing material loss (time spent sorting it out).

You can't sue them as long as they act in "good faith". Only if they sent out this threat knowingly based on false facts, they're responsible for any harm done. Take this example:
RIAA sends out false legal threat. Site owner, knowing it's bullshit, itgnores it. RIAA, not receiving any reaction, gets ISP to take 'offending' site down. Webmaster loses business, has to go through a lot of hassle to get back up again (not to mention the damaged reputation). He can't sue the RIAA, though, because then, he'd have to prove they knew what they claimed was wrong before they sent out the notice. How is anyone supposed to prove that? Dumb laws!
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