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Originally Posted by emux View Post
Just for reference, my ACA1221 is running at full speed (28mhz) for the last few days in a standard 1200 case and I've not had any problems or lockups with it at all.
Like I wrote: The voltage from the power supply makes a big difference: 0.1V too high, and you'll have too much heat for overclocking. There's a small potentiometer in A500/A1200 power supplies where you can adjust the voltage. However, you should only open a power supply if you have the education and tools to work on high-voltage equipment. If you don't, please don't put your life in danger!

Originally Posted by CrashMidnick View Post
Working fine here on A1000 with ACA500 straight out of the box
...until you try to run the ACA1221 software! That's the part that does not work yet. We're working on a flash update for the ACA500 that will make the ACA1221 tools compatible. For the record: Don't set the trial jumper on the ACA1221 before we have the ACA500 flash update. You will lose valuable trial runs, and it won't work yet!

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