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Thanks for your suggestions, but there's really nothing you can say that we haven't already discussed in detail thousands of times over the last decade. We're far more aware of the Amiga and retro gaming community than you seem to assume. I know where all the coders are, I have been helping to pull many of them out of the woodwork over the years through socialising online, promoting current Amiga developments and holding annual game making competitions. We've had discussions and held surveys and monitored what's been produced and sold and we know how much demand there is and how best to serve the current market.

Multi-platform is all part of the plan, which is why we've been watching and getting involved in several retro gaming and computing scenes. If a game is really good, it deserves to be seen by the world, and the Amiga market is kinda small, so if so much effort went into the original code, graphics, music, sound and design, it isn't too much extra effort on top to port the game to a similarly capable machine, so that's definitely something we'll be doing once we've established ourselves.

I'm sorry to link to another forum, but I made a thread about professionally published homebrew games last year to hopefully generate some interest. Unfortunately that forum is kind of quiet.

I just re-read your post, I don't mean that a free ADF would be offered if the game was available boxed. Only that if someone pays for the boxed copy, they will receive a link to the ADF in their email or something, so they can play the game while they wait for the boxed copy to be delivered, or so they can play it without having to open the box if they're collectors. The only free ADFs would be games that are already free, like PD games. If anyone is currently working on a game or plans on making one in the future, we just wish to give them the option to make it a commercial release if they so wish, and if not, release it as PD on our site so we can keep all of the recent releases together, available for all from one place. We also don't plan on screwing anyone! It's entirely for the Amiga community, not for making big profits.

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