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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post

i'd love to be a part of this.

how much do you think i could raise in a kickstarter or similar, to produce a complete boxed edition of Mr Beanbag?
I'm sure if handled correctly you could raise 4,000 + euros, maybe 5,000.
I'll back such an endeavor for sure.
A single indy publishing company for the Amiga is a fantastic idea, if handled correctly. No reason such an endeavor could not release on other retro computers too.
That said, ideas are ten a penny but doing or even trying is half the battle.
Again I will support such an idea in any and all ways that I could but imo, absolute realism, realistic goals and slow growth are key. Good things take time.
And not too many cooks, cos they tend to spoil the broth
But yes, I'm game! Let's do it!!!
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