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@Cammy and rebel-CD32

Having your own with full control is of course always much more fun than joining with someone else, especially because then you might have to throw some of your ideas out of the window because the other one isnt interested in what you are. But, have you considered contacting Pascal papara if you could perhaps make your plan in some way inside Indiego Appstore?

For what I am reading from your plan, it sounds like what I am hoping Amistore and Indiego to become, but Amistore is bit more limited in its target.

One thing I hope one of Indiegos future version would enable to do would be to be able to choose year 2015 and see all the PD games that were released for Amiga that year, and then with click of a button download them.

For one exact problem you mention too is that it is very difficult to track down all the Amiga freeware games released even just this year. Some have their own websites, some not. Most are probably in aminet, but Aminet isnt that fun for this kind of searching, plus I would very much like that you could browse through those games in Indiego Appstore way that you could see pictures of those games before you start downloading them to decide whether you want to give a try to it or not.

hope someone succeeds in making all this reality, all amiga releases under same roof, be it Amistore, Indiego, or your system (I actually had one slightly similar idea myself back in 2005 or maybe even earlier, but never did a single keystroke to make it become reality).

Consider however asking either from Amistore or Indiego if they would be interested in having your system under them, there could well be interest at least in Indiego to do some co-operation.
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