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Okay so you want to setup an amiga marketplace - thats cool! Now as a dev who works with various market places I have questions

What's your cut? more to the point - whats left for me? It's been said by yourself and others that marketing will make or break this sort of venture - how are you going to drive buyers to your marketplace?

Where is it going to be based? Location of the service effects tax etc - for example in order to deal properly with microsoft when developing for xbox360 I had to apply for an american ITIN which allowed me to benefit from the tax treaty between USA and UK.

I'm really sorry because although an amiga fan for decades i'm quite new to the "scene" so I don't know who people are - but what is the background you guys have? Are you prepared for handling any legal requirements for selling third party through your own service? Am I in good hands?

etc etc - I'm sure this is all stuff you would make known in the future as your project advances but figured as I was right here...
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