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This is only just the beginning! We plan on hoarding many more floppies. I wanted to say that they are all brand new and still sealed, but the ones that we have opened and used over the years have been great. All of the disks we've used have been HD and they work perfectly on all our Amigas for a long time. After a few years, or maybe even a few months, it's possible that these HD disks start having read errors as the data retention isn't as strong as a DD disk. This is why any disk purchased from us will have an ADF file available for automatic download, both so you can play the game while you wait for delivery, and also so you can re-write the game image back to the disk if you ever start to get read errors.

We've found that if you write the ADF back to the disk three times in a row, it tends to stay on there much more permanently, so they will all be done like this.

Most of these disks are for the PD library which will be a part of Underground Arcade (Underground PD?). And from the PD side of things, you will have a choice of the type of disk you wish to receive each game on; Brand New DD, Brand New HD, and recycled DD disks which will be the cheapest option.

We hope that we can acquire enough DD floppy disks so that all of the commercial games we publish will be on those rather than the HD ones. At the moment we have 80 brand new DD disks, 50 of which are orange and 30 are dark blue. We'd love to theme the colour of the disk with the game and the printed label in a similar manner to how RGCD's C64 cartridges are different colours depending on the game.

Of course then there are CDTV/CD32 and hard drive versions of the games which will come on CDs, which are a lot easier to get than floppy disks. And a lot of people will surely choose the cheapest option, to simply download the games they want (I imagine the prices would vary from game to game but be much less than the disk versions) and of course PD downloads would be free.

We'd like to contact the creators of many recent Amiga homebrew/PD games so that we can have their permission to host their games on our site and make disk versions for people as well. But it's all a lot of work for the two of us considering we're also working on making several games at once as well. We used to have a team, and we're hoping to put one together again, if anyone wants to join us! Together we can steer the Amiga community in the right direction, set some goals and accomplish them!
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