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Man, Cammy's giving away all my secrets... :P

It's funny that Shantae was used as an example of the kind of game we need on the Amiga. Cammy and I are working on one right now... the only bad thing is it's in Backbone! But I've got a lot of experience with the program and am confident we can make something decent with it. I just want to finally finish making a game in Backbone, because I've started a whole heap of projects and abandoned them. This is also going to be our example game, to show how we'll publish a new Amiga game from Underground Arcade. I want it to be as polished as the best 16bit console games, all the way down to the packaging. And every game will have controller options, never again should you be stuck pressing up for jump!

I just took this screenshot of my very early work-in-progress game. I'm still working on the graphics for it so I haven't made any proper levels yet, but I've put together a couple of test levels, mainly to try out some ideas I randomly come up with or to see how some tiles will look. If anyone would like to try it (keeping in mind the finished game will be infinitely less messy than this test) I uploaded an ADF here -
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