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Originally posted by jmmijo
In the USAF we trained on older Harris and DEC machines, remember the PDP-11
I never used either of those machines - I learned to program on a Burroughs B5500 that we dialed into from a teletype. The modem connected us at a blazing 110 baud, and was an acoustic coupler type. You had to dial the number by hand on a regular telephone, then place the handset in a padded recess in a large box that picked up the sounds from the earpiece. You closed the lid to cut down on it picking up other noises. There were 12 of us that had to share the one connection, and whenever one person was reluctant to disconnect when they were supposed to so that the next person could get their turn, a few of us would begin to whistle loudly - The modem would pick up the whistling and get confused, begin typing garbage, and then break the connection.

Originally posted by jmmijo
Yes well I still have the original volume one of Dr. Demento on vinyl
Small world! I don't have the original, but I do have Dementia Royale on vinyl not 10 feet from where I'm sitting now. Gotta love the classics such as "Shaving Cream" and "Frosty the Dope Man", eh?
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