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Oh yeah, another part of his plan was to share ideas and plans for different hardware expansions around and have the hardware guys start building them, and then organise deals where they would bundle new games with the expansions! So imagine you bought yourself a new 8MB RAM + IDE/CF expansion for your A500 from Kipper, why not bundle it with a game that requires the extra RAM and HDD space, like Tales of Gorluth II for example.

Another thing was to make a new Workbench pack which makes Workbench look modern and beautiful, to encourage people to actually spend more time on their Amiga. Then we'd collect a bunch of second-hand Amigas, clean them up and pre-install this new Workbench pack on them, then sell them with a games bundle. Imagine if some guy wants to come back to the Amiga community, and he's easily able to buy a reconditioned A1200 or A600 which boots up looking like this without even needing much extra RAM or CPU to do it.

Anyway, now is the time to make this vision a reality for the sake of all Amiga enthusiasts! It's 2015, and I feel so excited that we're going to finally make this happen. I'll tell you why. Because Amiga makes it possible. It makes dreams come true! It was always my dream to go to America and stay in California. Adam literally had a dream back in the 90s that RJ Mical was showing him around his workplace, a huge place outside with buildings all around which were all part of his work. He told me about it years ago. Just two months ago RJ invited us to California and showed us all around Googleplex, which is basically a whole suburb of buildings which belong to Google. I am positive that there's some weird magic going on and these Aquarius guys have some understanding of how to make it work.

I'm sorry, Adam is Rebel-CD32 on this forum, I'm being a little informal tonight so I must apologise.

But I want to say, after spending time with RJ Mical, Dave Needle, Dave Haynie, Joe Torre, Trevor Dickinson and meeting all these wonderful Amiga users in California, I am so enthusiastic to get things done at last! There's some significance to this 30 year anniversary, and because the Amiga is getting a lot of extra attention from the media outside of our community, it's the perfect time for us to take advantage of this renewed interest.

So I will tell you that we want Underground Arcade to be a new publishing platform for Amiga games (and eventually beyond). Our goal is to help the Amiga community, not take advantage of anyone or line our pockets. Look at what RGCD and BinaryZone do for the Commodore 64 community. We want to produce something just as good or better than what they are doing, but for the Amiga community. Professionally published games as well as free games, all available from one place, a nicely designed website with easy navigation.

Here are the disks and the disk cases we'll be using for publishing some of the games on:

And this is how the floppy disk cases look. We will have professionally printed inlays and cute little game manuals inside these as well as the disk:

These would be for the budget versions, we'd love to get boxed versions made as Collector's Editions as well (including T-Shirt, CD, poster, feelies, that sort of thing).
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